Company Specializing in high quality, safe, reliable and affordable radio remote control solutions since 1982. Hetronic products continually set standard for today's radio remote control industry. Using the most advanced technologies and durable components, we are confident that our innovative products will increase the safety and efficiency of your machines. The demands of the radio remote control (RRC) systems continues nowadays to expand as the safety, simplicity and economy of RRC machine operation is clearly recognized as tremendous benefit to our customers. MEC Representative for Hetronic Malta in Egypt: We are assigned as the official and only Hetronic sales and services partner in Egypt. By us we enable you get all the Hetronic products easily, quickly and at lower cost such as but no limited. (Nova L, Nova XL, Nova M, Ergo F, Ergo TG, Ergo MFSHL…….) We can also provide explosions products for the operation in explosive areas that frequently used the oil companies: Ex: [Nova L (EX), Nova XL (EX), Ergo F(EX)] …. etc Hetronic Versatile products are designed to perfectly accommodate the various applications for today's technology and with over 300,000 products that allows you unprecedented choices and flexibility. We are outfitted with fully technical support team who can the customer queries and provide technical services, supervision and support. Quality Construction: Our facilities are ISO and every unit is inspected and tested prior to shipment. Finally we go above and beyond by pulling random units during production and subjecting them to a rigorous battery of quality assurance testes. Exceptional performance: From operation simple overhead cranes and hoists to controlling complex manufacturing and materials handling operations, you can depend on hetronic  to provide safe, reliable, cost effective radio remote control system solutions. Since many industrial operations require multiple transmitters and receivers to be continually a central concern. Hetronic strive to make your machine operation safer and more economical.  And we MEC as a part of Hetronic group can provide you with comprehensive on- line resources local service is always available and reach you no matter where our customers work. "Products available": Ex: (GR, GL GL3, TG Euro, ERGO_MFSHL, Nova_S, Nova_M, Nova_L, Nova_XL, Mini, handled, ASLC, EX-proof) ….. etc For more information on Hetronic products, please visit: