Horizontal Directional Drilling Technology WHAT IS HDD ?  Horizontal Directional Drilling is a trenchless Construction Technique Method used for the Installation of underground Utility Systems under Obstacles with minimal Disruption to the ground Surface . Obstacle such as : - Roads, Railway, Buildings and Rivers . MEC – Group has applied recently the modern Technology of Drilling : ( HDD – System ) with the Assistance and under Supervision of Experts from three supporting of biggest specialized Companies in that filed:  Prime Drilling Co. ( Germany) Vector Magnetics  Co. (USA) Inrock Ltd. (Agent for Vector Magnetics Co.) (UK)           WHY USING HDD PARTICULARLY ? Providing an Installation alternative that can offer a number of benefits over traditional normal Open – Cut . Can be implemented with very little Disruption to Surface activities, requires less working Space and may be performed more quickly than Open – Cut methods . It  is consider as the fastest growing trenchless Construction method today, as it can be  used to install new Pipelines or replace existing Ones. Communication Industry is considered as one of the most Beneficiary and Users of HDD – Technology, as the Installation of optical fiber Cables is in need to bring and demand HDD-System, so as a result the Integrity of all liner Telecommunication . HDD Tech. Fiber Optic HDD – Technology : See More Of The HDD Equipments >>