Today in our OSP – Capacity framework we can operate from 3 to 4 km within Trenching Execution Work and from 8 to 16 km during Pulling Work as for the operational Average per day, in case of heavy duty Work. IN NORMAL SOIL: We could reach by hand to 1 km / day and by using Mechanism to 4 km / day  IN ROCK SOIL:       We could reach by hand to 300 m / day and by using Mechanism to 1 km / day See More Of The OSP - EQUIPMENTS Trenching Work – Laying Pipes – Laying soft Sand& Warning Tapes and eventually Backfilling Work .   Construction of Handholes .     Installation of nylon rope .  Pulling Cables or Subducts Fixing Cables in Handholes Soldering Operation & UDF Installation Testing with OTDR &  eventually Turning over OSP - SYSTEM